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If I am going to get married this is how it will be. Rent a house on the beach, invite few friends and close family and enjoy the time together. This is what Tom & Chelli did and they invited me to document this special day. It was an honer to be their photographer. Amazing time. Photo simple life. Below are few of my fav shot.


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A family project, my cousin’s little joy.


I love this beast, but I have to let it go wild.  Details: 1968 Pontiac Catalina, 64,000 miles, 4 door hard top. Rides like brand new. Interested?

Pontiac for sale sign

Yes! I made it in time to see the beauty of this past winters craze. In India I only seen FB posts of how much this winter sucked in NY, but I secretly admired and wanted to come. The winter is over it’s a meltdown, the snow is dripping down, the ice is cracking and the fog is raising.  I am alone in silence and the beauty of this snow-white is making me say — I’ve missed this place.

Here are few shots to bring you here with me.


On my last trip to India, I spent the last month in Arambol, Goa. This is where the hippies in 1970’s started Goa Trance music. Since then the place has developed to one of the most popular tourist destination in India. In the evening around 6pm everybody gathers on the beach for the sunset and drums. Short clips of the vibe.



Ten days on a Royal Enfield though Spiti Valley in northern India. One of the more challenging trips I’ve ever done. As a passenger riding through one of the highest passes in the world and toughest terrains. I managed to hold on and snap away as we passed rivers, muds, villages and snow. It was cold, bumpy, and rough, but I will do it again.

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My Pimp Ponti is just a crazy decisions. My friend, Steve, was selling a 1968 Pontiac Catalina and I just said — I will buy it. — So here I am in this massive machine, I can be so girlie sometime. I really love the shinny blue color on it. But what I really wanted to say, is that I really like these shots and wanted to share them with you.

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After Dark is a series of shots from back in the days, these are the sole survivors after my hard drive died, these few shots I retrieved from sent emails. Not the best quality, but visual still sharp. I think. These were taken in February during the coldest days of 2008. I recall my fingers were freezing especially my index finger from the long exposure technique.

night graffiti

Forest Park, Woodhaven

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Some of my favorite shots that I have taken while traveling. I like to call them the “Wallpaper” collections as they don’t fit into one family.

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